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The Power of Positivity

When an employee leaves his or her job for a new opportunity, he or she will often cite a more attractive salary as a primary reason for moving on. In my experience however, employees won’t be looking for a new position in the first place unless something is effecting their day-to-day morale in the workplace. …Continue Reading

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A Little Smile Goes a Long Way

I’ve worked with quite a few people who in normal conversation are exceptionally expressive and personable, but seem rigid and emotionless when asked to give a presentation or speak in public. In general, your audience will be much more receptive of your message and will be more engaged if your presentation or speech is delivered …Continue Reading

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Common Words to Avoid in Your Writing

It’s easy to fall into the trap of writing in the same manner or style that we talk, and this can lead to lazy or sloppy word choice. Many of the words we use in our day to day conversations are superfluous, redundant, or downright incorrect when putting pen to paper. Jennie Haskamp at …Continue Reading

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BZ Founder Benjamin Bryant Interviews with Sheryl Northrop at Ice Cream Social

BZ founder Benjamin Bryant was this week’s featured guest on the Ice Cream Social blog, where Sheryl Northrop of NorthStar Communications Consulting takes an in-depth look each week at the many facets of communications and social media. Here are a few interesting excerpts from the interview, or skip to the full blog post here. Q: …Continue Reading

The Cover Letter is Dead. Long Live the Resume!

Cover letters are becoming less and less useful to job seekers in an increasingly saturated applicant pool. Recruiters often don’t have time to read through five paragraphs of text, and will skip straight to resumes instead. While this might mean one less document for applicants to worry about, a cover letter is one of the …Continue Reading

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How to Use Social Media Without Letting IT Use YOU

Social media platforms have undeniably enhanced our ability to connect with people across the globe. They’ve provided us with a virtually boundless venue from which to communicate with consumers, stakeholders, and friends. They’ve also presented us with a time-wasting distraction that is never out of arms reach, that can be an echo chamber of the …Continue Reading

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What Time is the 3 O’clock Parade?

If you’ve visited any Disney Parks recently, perhaps over the holidays, you’ve no doubt experienced the remarkable customer service provided by Disney’s Cast Members (Disney Park employees). Their service training not only provides them with the knowledge to answer most any question a visitor could have about the parks, it also teaches them to look …Continue Reading

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Digital Branding and Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2016

It’s almost 2016! If you’re already looking to get ahead in the New Year, take a look at these branding and marketing trends for 2016: 1. Facebook video is now king. Facebook’s addition of auto-playing videos to users’ timelines rocketed its number of unique views per video ahead of even YouTube. With online video viewership …Continue Reading

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Next Steps After Applying for a Job

Planning on applying for a new job in 2016? Don’t write off the application itself as your last step – promptly following up with the job poster, educating yourself on the company, and giving your LinkedIn page a quick touch up can give you an edge on the competition. Read the full article from Forbes …Continue Reading

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5 Tips to Improve Your Blog Posts

One of the most difficult frustrations with blogging can be the struggle to find your audience, or to cultivate a regular readership. These blogging tips from Digital Information World can help you take your blog to the next level: – Use effective headlines – Write scannable copy – Add social sharing buttons – Feature high …Continue Reading

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