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BZ Announces New “Cultural Translation” Offerings During Australian Visit

Brisbane, Feb 24, 2011 – Bryant Zamberlan Group, LLC (BZ) announced today the launch of a new line of “cultural translation” services, tailored toward foreign companies seeking to do business with the government and government-affiliated entities in the United States.  The announcement by BZ President and CEO, Benjamin Bryant, coincides with the completion of the first leg of a 10-day, five city Australian exploratory trip and trade mission.  (BZ co-founder and Vice-President, Tommy Zamberlan, joins Bryant on the trip.)

The new line of services, initially target companies and individuals in English-speaking countries such Australia, where the language battle is not won or lost language wars, but rather battles fought over word choice, frames of reference, and idiomatic expressions.  BZ announced it will provide companies with a cost-effective way to take existing or in-development marketing collateral, sales materials, web content, guides and manuals, and culturally “translate” it for maximum effectiveness and impact with American audiences.  By year’s end, however, BZ plans to have staff and expertise in place to do provide the same services to merchants in America seeking to do business with countries such as Australia, India, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

“Too often the only option for small and medium sized businesses seeking to trade with Americans has been a choice between hiring expensive international marketing consultancies or simply taking their chances with web sites, letters, or other communications that haven’t been properly vetted.  Those run the risk of, at best, confusing the company’s message, or, at worst, offending the intended audience” said President and CEO Benjamin Bryant, “We all have fun with the many colloquial expressions that amuse and intrigue us as we travel from one English-speaking country to another, but the truth is that the hundreds of more subtle differences are those that have the most potential to trip us up when the communications stakes are high.”

VP and COO Tommy Zamberlan agreed, “Getting your message right the first time only gets more important as we move further and further into the brave new world of consumable information.  In the age of blink-or-you’ll-miss it messaging and microblogs, first impressions matter more than ever.  If you can’t be understood by a potential customer, how can you be trusted with their business?  We eliminate that risk and make that first impression as good or better than what’s being generated by stateside competitors.”

Bryant and Zamberlan note the prevalence of small and mid-sized companies in Australia and New Zealand with Web presences, offering everything from tourist-style keepsakes, to aboriginal art and craftsmanship, as well as over-the-counter drugs and remedies.   All could benefit from, at the very least, optimizing their messaging to be as clear and effective as possible with an American public.

“With a significant portion of BZ’s efforts focused on the public sector, however, the company is especially interested in serving clients seeking to do business with local, state, and federal governments, or the companies that supply them.

“While it can be argued, certainly, that the importance of ‘cultural translation’ is largely academic for many segments of society, there is no question that when seeking to work with the government and its affiliates, clarity and cultural propriety are a must,” said Bryant.  “The stakes aren’t just raised there, they’re maxed out.  The government is a lucrative buyer and the potential vendors are many.  Those ‘subtle differences’ matter.”

Bryant and Zamberlan will depart Brisbane today for Cairns, Queensland, and will later travel to Sydney, New South Wales.  No further announcements or launches are scheduled for this trip.

About Bryant Zamberlan Group, LLC

Bryant Zamberlan Group, LLC (BZ) is a privately held, minority-owned small business serving federal and state government, as well as private industry and academia.  A certified disadvantaged minority business enterprise, BZ has been certified by the SBA as a HUBZone small business concern.

BZ offers a full complement of communications and marketing products and services–each custom tailored to client requirements and delivered for a fair price at the highest quality.  Services for government and industry include communications planning and strategy; organizational branding and identity; creative design and publications; Web, social media, and digital communications; and organizational and management consulting.  BZ also offers a range of related IT and administrative support.

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