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Is Scannable Content the Key to People Reading What You Write?

Online, it may be.

This fantastic piece from Pamela Wilson (at one of our favorite PR and marketing resources, Copyblogger) addresses one of every blogger  and Web content writer’s worst fears: no one reading what they write.

The key to Web content success according to Wilson (and we wholeheartedly agree here at BZ) is making your content “scannable” — appropriate for the high-tempo, short attention-spanned nature of Web browsing and content review. 

Knowing a few tricks of the new media trade may help even the most talented scribe earn (and keep) the attention of even the most fickle potential Web consumers—and in the process, ensure delivery and greater potential for retention of the words onscreen.

For 8 simple guidelines for “scannable” success, click here to read Copyblogger’s piece, and our latest “BZ Pick.”

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