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BZ Pick: Toward Strategic Communications

The question I am most asked in conjunction with my work is “What, exactly, is ‘strategic communications’ versus, say, public relations or marketing?”  It’s an excellent question in this day of hot “buzzwords” with short shelf-lives and a seeming (and frustratingly confusing) incessant need for companies to brand traditional offerings with fresh and individual monikers that speak more to the inventiveness of a marketing department than the nature of services being offered.

Thankfully, the question of whether the increasingly bandied-about “strategic communications” label represents a legitimately valuable and specific way of approaching marketing and communications challenges (or is more of the flavor-of-the-month variety) has an easy answer: strategic communications is the real deal.

This month’s BZ Pick, “Toward Strategic Communications,” by the Army’s then-deputy chief of Public Affairs, BG Mari K. Eder.  It is, by far, the single best article I have read to date introducing and explaining the concepts and principles behind strategic communications—and why it differs from our traditional understanding of public relations, public affairs and marketing. Particularly relevant from a government and military perspective, BG Eder’s exploration of the topic is of value to all, no matter the industry or background.  Enjoy!

“Toward Strategic Communications” by BG Mari K. Eder:

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