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The Power of Positivity

Older man mentoring younger man at workWhen an employee leaves his or her job for a new opportunity, he or she will often cite a more attractive salary as a primary reason for moving on. In my experience however, employees won’t be looking for a new position in the first place unless something is effecting their day-to-day morale in the workplace. Naturally, there are countless variables that all play a role in whether a company’s employees are generally happy or unhappy. One the easiest of these boxes to check for employers trying to reduce turnover is positive reinforcement.

Too often supervisors will openly correct negative behavior but will only acknowledge a job well done in passing or not at all. In theory, you’re employing your people because they’re talented – be sure to take the time to actually tell them so. Directly acknowledging your employee’s accomplishments can not only help keep them happy and motivated, it can also make it easier for them to accept your criticism when necessary as well. If corrective feedback is the only kind your people receive from you, they may begin to lose motivation and stop making an effort to improve.

LinkedIn writer Justin Bariso provides a closer look at how to effectively provide positive feedback and how you and your employees can benefit from it in this quick article on LinkedIn. Give it a read for more helpful tips!

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