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Bryant Zamberlan Group Announces Expansion of Relationship with Global Talent Assessment Leader

Ben Bryant leading a press briefingCelebrating the start of a fifth year of a successful professional partnership, TTI Success Insights (TTI SI) and Bryant Zamberlan Group (BZ) reaffirmed BZ’s key role as a Value Added Associate (VAA) for TTI, the global leader in human behavior assessments, as BZ President Benjamin Bryant announced a substantial expansion of the consulting firm’s services leveraging the “science of self” to improve interpersonal communication, enhance workplace environments, optimize team effectiveness, maximize organizational development, and strengthen candidate-position matching.

Bryant announced that BZ, which has long established itself as a leader in leveraging scientifically validated assessments (including DISC and Emotional Intelligence or “EQ” inventories) to improve communications outcomes and workplace/team effectiveness, would now be expanding its Science of Self™ assessment-based offerings to specifically address a wider number of challenges faced by business owners, managers, and human resources departments, including:

  • Support for Job-Candidate matching and validated predictive hiring technology to help eliminate bad hires
  • DISC and behavior assessments for existing employee development and onboarding
  • Consulting services for restructuring or merger and acquisition changes
  • Staff development programs to improve vertical and horizontal communication and overall productivity
  • Leadership and executive training to improve manager-employee, manager-manager, and team relationships and effectiveness

Notes Bryant, “BZ is lockstep with TTI in our belief in the power of people, and, specifically, that all people are unique, with specific talents and skills—many of which they are often unaware—that can be used to succeed personally and professionally. The work we do with TTI focuses exclusively on the revelation and harnessing of these talents, and is a perfect match with our corporate commitment to better communication and powerful development within organizations. These new services will help us take the good we’ve already been doing with individuals and small groups using TTI technology and expand it to larger organizations with even more critical needs.

“For over 30 years, TTI has researched and applied social and brain science, crafting assessments used in 90 countries to improve personal and professional relationships, enhance communication, and hire, develop and retain the best talent in the world. Every 27 seconds, someone in the world is taking a TTI SI assessment to increase their self-awareness and improve their personal and professional status—many of which are administered and interpreted by BZ.”

“Five years ago, we announced our absolute pleasure at expanding our network with the addition of Benjamin Bryant and the Bryant Zamberlan Group to the TTI family,” said Bill J. Bonnstetter, founder and CEO of TTI Success Insights. “As the years have gone by, the relationship has only strengthened and our joint endeavors have only grown more fruitful, as Ben has proven to be a passionate advocate for using leveraging validated science to improve everything from personal relationships to professional environments. TTI looks forward to another five years (and more!) of partnering with Ben and BZ as their business continues to grow and thrive.”

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