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BZ’s New Travel Docuseries

Come with us on Journeys Beyond!

New travel docuseries from BZ’s BZ/MP media platform!

Travel writer Olivia Taylor and BZ’s Benjamin Bryant, a longtime broadcaster, team up to go BEYOND the word’s most traveled and over-touristed destinations and take viewers BEYOND what travel guides and traditional travel programs have to offer. The result is part documentary, part travel show, and part gripping reality drama, from the BZ/MP.

In Episode 1.1, Olivia and Ben travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, 25 years following the cease-fire that ended years of armed conflict (including the tragic “Siege of Sarajevo”) to share the country’s proud history, as its powerful story of rebirth and re-emergence. That renaissance is driven, most of all, by the determination of Bosnia’s younger generations–many children of the war itself.

Hear their stories and experience the diverse culture, rich history, food, and natural beauty of Bosnia & Herzegovina on “Journey’s Beyond with Olivia Taylor and Benjamin Bryant.”

The “Journeys Beyond” theme song is “Crusader” by Scott Buckley (

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