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Jazzing Up Your Conversations

Too often when we engage in debates with colleagues or friends, the conversation becomes a back and forth of rehashed concepts, each side just waiting for their next turn to talk. This habit of taking turns talking AT each other back and forth is unlikely to actually change anyone’s mind, as cathartic as it may be to vent our tightly-held opinions to the wind. To truly engage in any meaningful dialogue, it is much more effective to view your conversation partner as a teammate, adjusting to what they’re saying in an effort to direct the conversation to your desired outcome.  Cathy Rose Salit, the author of Performance Breakthrough, likens this conversation method to performing a jazz piece, each conversation a co-created work of art that changes based on the input of both “performers.” Using this method of actively engaging in conversation will help keep people genuinely interested in what you’re saying, helping them hear your message.

Watch Salit further expand on this useful metaphor in her short video below,or at here:

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