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Buzzwords, Jargon, and Clichés

Business Buzzwords InfographicWhile widely used business buzzwords can be effective communication shortcuts, be careful not to overuse industry speak with your clients and coworkers. Not only can these catchy, “inside baseball” terms come of as rote or cliché among your peers, with overuse it becomes more likely that your consulting jargon finds its way into public relations copy or deliverables you generate. Here are a few quick examples that are fine to use in the conference room, but that you should keep out of your writing:

  • Deep Dive: when you spend a little more time in the weeds than you probably should. It’s a PowerPoint presentation, not a scuba class.


  • Game Changing: just because there a new hot concept on the block doesn’t mean the game won’t be played the exact same way next week.
  • Low-Hanging Fruit: no-ladder-required apples are fine in the beginning, but don’t forget that you’ll have to do some tree-climbing at some point.

Read the full list from PR Daily here, and keep it in mind the next time you’re in a meeting or drafting your next deliverable.

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