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Using Stronger Bullet Points

Bullet pointsBullet points are one of the strongest tools in a communicator’s arsenal, taking complex chunks of information and laying it out in an easily digestible layout.  They can be used in all types of prose, from PowerPoint presentations to business proposals, and often make reading your content a much more accessible endeavor for your audience. More than simple tools for breaking down unwieldy information, bullet points can also be deployed in your content as tools to draw readers in and either keep them engaged in your writing or sell them a product or idea. These types of bullet points are referred to as “fascinations,” and are often used as marketing or sales tools, but can be repurposed for nearly any type of content.

Fascination bullet points come in two flavors: external fascinations and internal fascinations. External fascinations are used to prompt a call to action, typically by alluding to information, effects, or benefits of a product or service without revealing hard evidence or substance, a kind of “teaser” bullet if you will. The second type, internal fascinations, are slightly more versatile. Theses bullet points are meant to persuade your audience to continue reading your content, and are especially useful towards the beginning of blog posts, articles, or book summaries.

Finally, perhaps my favorite way to use bullet points is by “bullet chunking.” As any longtime BZ blog readers know, I am prone to compound sentences and complex ideas. The next time you have a long list of supporting evidence to back up a claim or thought, try removing each item and instead create a bulleted list, making your content more readable and therefore more persuasive.

For more tips on using bullet points effectively, take a look at these tips from Copyblogger:

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